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 All Lua Nova products are made of stainless steel and  PVD  plated with 18k gold!


What is PVD? 

Physical Vapor Deposition and it is the most modern coating process available in the market, making the color last for a reaaly long time, you can sweat, shower and spend your summer at the beach, the color won't fade.

What is Stainless steel?

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable! The main alloying elements of stainless steel are all highly valuable and can be easily recovered and separated from other materials, which makes the recycle process easier. 


Does Lua Nova  jewellery turns my skin green?
No, our jewellery does not turn your skin green. Stainless steel is hypo-allergenic making it a great choice for someone whose skin is sensitive to metal. 

Does Lua Nova jewellery tarnish or discolour?

No, our jewellery is tarnish resistant and doesn't discolour. Another good thing about stainless steel jewellery is that it lasts longer than sterling silver . Whether you shower with it or pour on lotions, the colour actually stays the same. The golden tone may turn slightly darker after wearing, but it’ll not fade. Which makes it durable to wear through any time!

Did we miss a question? 

You can ask us through this link here.

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